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• 3/2/2018

Inclusion of homebrew content

After having a browse of this Wikia, I've noticed that it contains certain homebrew rules presented as if they are official. I'm not against homebrew at all, I just think that it would be best if it was clearly labeled as such to avoid confusion. I've also seen 'may be taken with GM approval' used alongside homebrew species, when that isn't a rule in any of the books.

To give a specific example, the Classes page prresents two classes based on previous editions of the game as being 'cut classes' that were almost published. Looking at the writeups given for these classes it is clear that the're not unpublished draft versions as they have access to talents and feats that only exist in the later books.

Again I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with designing new classes, I just think that it's misleading not to inform people when things aren't official.
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• 1/31/2018

1,000 Page Landmark

Congrats to everyone for reaching the 1,000 page landmark! With the Core Rulebook now completely integrated, we can now go to work on expanding character options such as Species, Talents, Feats, and Equipment.
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• 11/7/2017

Looking for players - PbP Saga Game

II have just taken on the mantle of GM for a PbP Star Wars Saga game on - The original GM bowed out so the game had gone dormat. This is a great opportunity to welcome some new players to join us. Feel free to drop in and message if you are interested.
RPG Addicts | We Know You're Hooked - Episode 3.9: Before There Was Hope (DM Vitkyng)
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• 9/18/2017

I love this!

Can I just say how much I appreciate this wiki? I run a Saga Edition game, and its great to have a one stop shop in the making. Such a wonderful resource. Thanks!
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• 10/23/2017

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• 10/16/2016

Updating the Site

I am going to by updateing this website over time and would vary much like some help from starwars RP community, this is a nice layout to realy get a good Saga edition database going for all our RP needs, i recently added scoundral and will be adding the talent trees soon
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