During the era of the Old Republic, Jedi battle against Sith Lords, Mandalorian warriors raid Outer Rim worlds, and the Republic struggles to fight off enemies at every turn. Smugglers dodge Sith warships and bluff their way past Republic customs agents, while bounty hunters and mercenaries play both sides of every conflict for the greatest profit. Soldiers fight on distant battlefields and defend planets close to home. Vast empires rise, fall, and are reborn. This is the time of the Knights of the Old Republic campaign, and it is one of the most exciting periods in all Star Wars continuity.

In these years of conflict, your heroes have limitless opportunities to become part of the galaxy's salvation - or its destruction. It is a time of constant warfare, when peace has become little more than a memory and survival is threatened by armies in all parts of the galaxy. It is a time when the Jedi are in abundance, fighting on all fronts, only to be whittled down to near extinction over the course of several conflicts. It is a time when civilization is under siege; warlords and Force-users struggle to unmake the Republic and sow the seeds of chaos. It is a time of mysterious enemies and sudden betrayals, when allies turn to foes, and you never see the lightsaber until it is buried in your back. It is a time when new powers are on the rise, and anyone can ascend to greatness.

A Knights of the Old Republic campaign calls for heroes. A hero might be a Jedi Knight, sworn to protect the Republic but reeling from loses in previous wars. Another hero might be a Republic soldier on the front lines of battle, fighting with every ounce of effort to hold the line against Mandalorian invaders. One hero might be an arms dealer smuggling weapons to resistance cells on Sith-controlled worlds, while another might be a hyperspace explorer that stumbles across a secret rallying point for the forces of the Republic. A hero might be a corporate agent overseeing the construction of vital defense systems, or a Jedi Shadow working behind the scenes to bring down a sinister villain. Whatever your hero's history and specialty, the Knights of the Old Republic campaign is rife with opportunities to send ripples of influence throughout the galaxy.

The Old Republic Era

The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide focuses on the period between the Great Sith War and the final destruction of the old Sith Empire. During this time, the galaxy is embroiled in one war after another, and the Jedi are all but wiped out. Gamemasters have several choices for when, specifically, they might set a Knights of the Old Republic campaign. The following list is of major conflicts and eras of this time:


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In the days of the Old Republic, as in all Star Wars eras, a variety of Species thrive throughout the galaxy. Even though Humans dominate the galactic governments and corporations, many other Species hold prominent positions of power. The colonization of the galaxy expands during this era, however the number of inhabited worlds is comparatively fewer than in the classic era. Less common Species live on Republic worlds, but they are likely to be fewer in number, and reside in their own enclaves.

Heroic Traits

The Knights of the Old Republic era provides exciting story opportunities for all character types, especially Jedi and other Force-users. This section contains information for creating heroes tailored to this era, including story considerations, new ideas and talents for the standard Heroic Classes, plus new Feats and expanded Skills usable by all Heroic Classes. These volatile times- when it is difficult to distinguish friend from foe - also call for new heroes to fulfill their destinies.

In the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, characters are assumed to be good, fighting against the forces of evil. It is a time of wide-ranging open warfare, with shifting fronts and loyalties. Heroes can face off against Mandalorian or Sith invaders. Other enemies might not be so clear-cut, especially if the campaign takes place during The Jedi Civil War. Although it is possible to play darker characters using these rules, the forces of good remain the focus of this book.

Character Creation in the Old Republic

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In a Knights of the Old Republic campaign, exciting character and plot development are integral to creating the feel of an era previously established by computer games, comics, and novels. Much as a classic-era campaign strives to re-create the feel of the movies, a Knights of the Old Republic campaign should capture the atmosphere of its earlier incarnations. Your campaign will feel more authentic if the Gamemaster and players give their characters rich backstories that develop over the course of the game. This article focuses on the character creation and development.

The Heroic Classes

Each of the heroic classes from the Saga Edition core rulebook is presented here as it relates to the Knights of the Old Republic era. Each class update features new talents added to existing talent trees, or wholly new trees. These talents can be used in other eras with your Gamemaster's approval.

Old Republic Jedi

Old Republic Nobles

Old Republic Scoundrels

Old Republic Scouts

Old Republic Soldiers


Below are new uses for the Skills described in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook. These additional uses can be used in any era.



Use the Force


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Feats provide game mechanics for core character concepts. They allow characters from any Heroic Class to access significant special abilities, as long as they meet certain prerequisites. This article provides new Feats common to the Knights of the Old Republic era, as well as new ways to use some existing Feats.

Combined Feats

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Characters can use their existing Feats in new ways, as noted in the article. Essentially, certain Feats allow characters to benefit from combining their use. A character wishing to use one of the combinations described in the article must have all the required Feats to do so.

Prestige Classes

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This section features three new Prestige Classes suitable for a Knights of the Old Republic campaign and also includes several new Talent Trees for existing Prestige Classes.

Elite Trooper

Force Adept


Jedi Knight

Sith Apprentice

New: Corporate Agent

New: Gladiator

New: Melee Duelist

The Force

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The Force and its practitioners have an enormous impact on the galaxy during this era. Jedi travel throughout the galaxy pursuing their own missions and those of the Republic. Non-Jedi traditions are active in many societies, both primitive and technologically advanced. The resurgence of The Sith and the dangers of The Dark Side become all too apparent during The Jedi Civil War.

Most beings have never personally seen a Jedi, but they are aware of their exploits and have opinions about the nature of The Force. In fact, especially during The Jedi Civil War, many regular folks do not know or understand the differences between the Sith and Jedi philosophies, despite Jedi efforts to educate them. However, Republic citizens regard the Jedi as a good and helpful force, if unpredictable and occasionally misguided.

New Force Powers

New Force Talents

New Force Techniques

Jedi Organizations

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Throughout the Knights of the Old Republic era, the formal organization of the Jedi Order adjusts and changes more frequently than in other eras. Some of these adjustments occur as the Jedi Council attempts to exert more control over the Order, but many are in response to external forces, such as the many wars of the era that directly impact all Jedi. Some organizations included here might be available or fully functional only at specific times.

Other Force-Using Traditions

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The mysteries and manipulations of The Force have never been solely the province of the Jedi and Sith. These two groups dominate the galactic stage for thousands of years, but many worlds and cultures establish their own traditions based on their own cultures and understanding of The Force. Unlike the Jedi and Sith, these Force-Using Traditions rarely seek dominance of all Force teaching.

Equipment and Droids

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A Knights of the Old Republic campaign takes place during a time of technological innovation. New weapons and armor appear on the galactic market every day, and the constant warfare requires arms makers to keep abreast of the latest technological trends. Despite the rapidly advancing pace of technology, relics of older eras remain in active use. As some planets race toward the cutting edge of technology, others are blasted back to the past by widespread devastation.

Melee Weapons

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During the time between The Great Sith War and the final fall of the Sith Empire, melee weapons see a resurgence in popularity. The presence of Personal Shields and the abundance of Lightsaber-wielding foes in the galaxy lead many soldiers to become more adept in melee combat.

Ranged Weapons

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The Great Sith War saw the transition from primitive energy weapons to the more advanced blaster weapons that would become common in the galaxy within just a few short years. Though primitive weapons remained, the majority of the galaxy was using blaster weapons by the time of The Mandalorian Wars.


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Though many heroes choose not to wear armor, relying on their own speed and cunning to keep them safe, soldiers and warriors don armor to protect themselves in such dangerous times. Some factions, most notably The Mandalorians, make extensive use of various types of armor and are exceptionally adept in their uses.

General Equipment

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Common equipment found in the Knights of the Old Republic era.

Gear Templates

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In a Knights of the Old Republic campaign, a hero might have access to a wide variety of exotic gear with special properties not found in more common types of Equipment. Rather than list individual pieces of Equipment from dozens of different worlds in the galaxy- such as a Bothan Heavy Blaster Pistol or a suit of Arkanian Battle Armor- Gear Templates can be applied to normal Equipment statistics to produce an unusual version of an item.


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Droids play an important part in any Knights of the Old Republic campaign. Droids are just as prominent during the days of the Old Republic as they are in later years, and many models are the obvious predecessors of droids used during the Galactic Civil War.

Vehicles and Starships

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The troubled era of a Knights of the Old Republic campaign is the dawn of a new age for the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles and starships. The presence of conflict creates a breeding ground for new ideas and new technologies. The vehicles and starships produced by manufacturers during times of war are, out of necessity, on the cutting edge of technology. Factions seeking advantage in war commission new designs, or manufacturers benefit from designs handed down from government engineers to the private sector.

Old Republic Campaign

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The galaxy is torn by war. The Republic is fighting for its survival, and everywhere the enemies of civilization- The Krath, The Mandalorians, The Sith- threaten to shatter what tenuous hold the Republic has on the galaxy. Lightsabers clash on nearly every planet, and few worlds remain untouched by the violence of the times. This is the galaxy into which heroes in a Knights of the Old Republic campaign must venture forth, and it is a galaxy that teems with adventure possibilities.

Galactic Gazetteer

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The galaxy is a far different place in the period many millennia before the Star Wars films take place. Some worlds that eventually rise to galactic prominence have not been settled yet, and powerful worlds of a Knights of the Old Republic campaign will have been long forgotten by the time of the Clone Wars.

Planets of the Old Republic

This section presents several new planet entries for worlds relevant to a Knights of the Old Republic campaign. Updates for planets from the Saga Edition are present on their individual pages if a planetary update exists.

New Planets

Planetary Updates